Planning my Space for Assessment

Assessment is looming and we have been asked to display work that showcases our subject work and displays links from the field modules undertaken within it. Supporting work and sketchbooks will be placed on a table below. I have drawn a proposed plan of my wall space.

I have decided to display three outcomes. Each image will be of a landscape taken from the shape of twigs I have found out in the environment. I will display the twig shapes underneath the paintings. The paintings will be produced from natural paints that I have ground and made myself and the paint will have been applied with tools that I have made from natural materials, inspired by my field modules. I will also display the paints I make in jars with labels on them on a shelf and another shelf below will display the tools I have made as I believe both these elements can be considered as artworks in their own right. The whole display will showcase a connection and relationship between art and nature. I have been exploring how I can link the two through a variety of ways within my subject work and I believe this display will portray that connection.


Sensory Story: Planning out Drawing and Mark Making to Represent Experiences

As I am going to be videoing my sensory story, to make it more successful: I thought I would plan out the kinds of marks that I will make for each experience within a whole experience of being within the Brecon Beacons. I will use Fineliners, various Pens and drawing inks to produce my imagery and I will apply the materials using natural materials like leaves and twigs, cutlery, paper, my breath, a hairdryer and make one or two tools to incorporate marks with. I will also include colour.

Throughout this module I have learnt so many different ways of documenting experience, place and senses. I have worked out my own visual language to portray feelings, senses, visuals and emotions and now it is time to use it and put it into practice. Showing process is important in portraying experience. Process and Sequence for me contributes to taking someone on a journey and experience which is what I want to do. I will combine different techniques learnt throughout the module and combine my own visual language development to take people on an experience of walking through the Brecon Beacons National Park.

FINAL PERFORMANCE: Group Discussion, Planning and Finalising


– The balance between nature and mankind/an urban society is out of balance and very Linear.
– Nature having a freer more organic life
– There will be a contrast between the line we draw in the piece and free mark making.
– The line – representing a balance, contrasted with being unable to balance on it, showing disharmony between the nature and the urban society.
– getting rid of the line with the stick brooms that we have made – eradicating the everyday linear restraints of society and it becoming more free-flowing like the vines/trees that exist in nature.
– Audience will be balanced on each side, creating a contrast between the unbalanced society we are addressing and the people watching.
– Sarah will walk the tightrope with buckets of watered down paint on twigs that will spill and make marks as she balances across the tightrope line.

Line: Black (how we think of a line in society)
Natural marks – Green and Sky Blue (with soil and leaves mixed into them)
Urban Society marks – Bright orange and Dark Pink (More unnatural colours)


The space we are working in is restricted and given to us but it does hold a significance to our performance. It contains a history and a trace of our paint performance experiences within it.


Thinking about documentation, we are going to use two video cameras to gain different footage which can be cut and edited together. We will also ask members of another group to take stills on our cameras.


We have decided it would look more professional if we all wore black clothing and we have a meditation CD with natural windpipe music to produce our performance to.



Start by drawing a line representing a tightrope on the paper, Sarah will balance and imitate being off balance along the line while carrying two buckets of yellow paint on the end of natural sticks. Whilst she is walking up and down, the rest of the group will be mark making on the paper. On one side, the colour scheme will be natural with natural marks and vine like lines being made. Soil will be mixed into the paint and I will be drawing with twigs and leaves dipped in the paint. On the other side, the colours will be bright and unnatural and the marks will be more chaotic. Next, once sarah has finished balancing, we will all grab stick brooms that we have made prior to the performance and use them to get rid of the line down the centre, hopefully making scratchy marks in the process. Finally, once we are happy with the outcome, we will leave out of the audiences (equal numbers on each sides) view and leave them to contemplate the performance and the outcome/trace left behind.


im12 im11 im10



im8 im9