Drawings incorporating Sensory Marks

Linking my drawing as experience field option to my subject work, I decided to experiment creating drawings containing sensory representational marks that I formulated for my sensory story. Drawing the place with the sensory marks from it arguably creates a deeper connection to the nature of it and the place.

However, as drawings I don’t think they are particularly successful. I have replaced the hieroglyphic like marks inspired by John Piper’s rocky valley with sensory marks but in my other drawings I only used a few marks, rather than filling the image with them. I think I have incorporated too many sensory marks and don’t think these drawings are particularly successful. I don’t think there is any strong connection to nature here, unless the viewer was aware of my sensory work they would be insignificant. I don’t think I will be continuing with this and feel like I am trying to find ways of more deeply connecting my experience of field to my work when maybe I don’t need to. These drawings are quite forced and therefore not notable.