Summative Post: Documentation

Artist’s Statement

Throughout my practice I am interested in creating a relationship between art and nature.  I have been exploring a variety of methods to portray different ways that nature, place, landscape and environment can be integrated into art work. My Ideas stem from the work of John Piper and the Romantics who aimed to capture a sense of experiencing a place through a more expressive approach to painting. They didn’t simply paint a landscape, their work connected with it. Attempting to capture an essence of being in a natural surrounding, I incorporated natural objects physically into my work. I quickly realised that I was particularly interested in the connections and relationships that art and nature could have and wanted to explore these avenues and challenge the more traditional landscape approach.

In a world with a growing urban environment, advancing technologies and environmental issues contributing to the depletion of the natural terrain: I feel that art has an important role to play in connecting or reconnecting people with nature for our sake and Nature’s sake. Through My art I intend to expose the viewer to and connect them with nature. Inspired by Artists such as Anselm Kiefer, Richard Long and Stuart Cairns to name a few, I have produced a body of work that explores the interconnections that art and nature can have.  I work with what Nature has to offer and the colour palette reflects that. Nature links my experimentation together and is embedded into my practice.

5 Key Points – Documentation

1. Chosen Artwork: Starting Point: Development of Ideas. I started this project inspired by the work of John Piper, particularly his piece “The Rocky Valley, North Wales”. After researching the artist, I discovered that he aimed to capture a sense of place within his work and integrate an experience of the landscape he was portraying. I started experimenting working with the theme’s of Landscape and Place, particularly a place that was close to me, The Brecon Beacons.



2. From a Connection to place to a Connection between Art and Nature: Experimenting with Ways of integrating Art and Nature. Experimentation Led me to realise that creating a sense of Landscape and place could be captured by including thing’s from the place in my work, this is where I began working with art and nature and investigating ways in which art and nature could be integrated.This is significant because this realisation influenced the rest of my project.  It came to my attention that our world is becoming highly urbanized and distanced from nature. I thought about how including natural materials in my art could expose people to it and somewhat reconnect them with a natural environment. I set about exploring different ways I could incorporate nature into art whether that be through my use of materials, drawing with natural found objects or by collaborating with nature.



3. Mixing Natural Materials into Paint.
The idea of creating a connection between Art and Nature led me to mix acrylic paint (an art material) and natural matter together. I was interested in the textures that could be achieved and I kept exploring the possibilities. I enjoyed the process but lost my ideas a bit and I felt that even though this work included natural materials it wasn’t really showcasing them. Infact they were being hidden within plasticy man-made paint. A connection between art and nature was not evident enough. By this point, I also felt I had exhausted images of the Brecon Beacons and so more deeply connecting my work to nature by formulating landscapes influenced by the shapes of twigs.



4. Experimentation: Making Paints and Painting Tools from Natural Materials.
My work largely developed from here and instead of mixing materials into man-made paints, I created my own paint from natural materials and started experimenting with grinding my own pigments and binding them to paint with. Inspired by my the Field Modules, I made tools from natural materials to apply the paints with. My colour palette and mark variation was limited to what nature had to offer, I was creating art with nature and out of nature.


DSCN0093 april17

5. Making Landscape work from Natural Paints applied with Natural Tools and Final Assessment Space.
After going on a journey of investigating ways to integrate art and nature, I decided that the most successful method was to work with natural paints and apply them with tools made from natural materials and so I started working on Landscape pieces (formulated from the shape of twigs) in this way. My work showcases ways in which art and nature can be intertwined and challenges traditional landscape painting. The paints and tools I also see as artworks in themselves so as well as my paintings I have chosen to exhibit them in my assessment space.




2 Comments on “Summative Post: Documentation”

  1. Hi
    Good to hear you are working with nature
    Need a German edition of my book Balance Art and nature


    • Hi there,
      Wow, incredible to hear from you! I have read your book balance Art and nature, infact I have finished my university degree now and achieved a first class degree, I wrote a dissertation about art and ecology with your incredibly helpful and valuable insight into many areas I was exploring. Thank you very much!


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