RICHARD LONG: Versatility in Natural Materials and Ways of Working

Richard Long is highly influential to my subject work in that he uses natural materials but in a variety of different ways. Also, unlike Andy Goldsworthy, he brings natural materials back into the gallery space and exhibits the works he makes much like my incorporation of natural materials into my painting and art making. Making art that has a connection to nature without being out in it. He also draws and paints with natural materials like Mud which has an obvious connection to my project.

Walking Works

Richard Long documents walks through nature by walking backwards and forwards in a natural space and photographing the line produced. Documenting an experience of being in nature, a journey. I have taken photographs on nature walks and documented the collecting of materials etc.

Collaborating with Nature

One of my favourite works of his is the River Avon Book because the artist is collaborating with nature and employing “nature as artist”. He sets up the credentials for nature to make the artwork and it does, Similar to Tim Knowles work. I have briefly touched on and experimented with this idea a little bit in my project by placing drawings out in the rain and sleet so they would run and nature would change them.

Bring nature back into the Gallery or into more Traditional art

The fact that he exhibits natural sculptures and mud drawings in galleries is probably the most influential element of Richard Long’s work to my own. It shows me that the artwork does not have to be made out in the land for it to have a connection to nature and to expose viewers to the natural world. This gives me confidence.

Land Art – Creating works in Nature

Lastly, he creates Land Art, Artwork in the Land using natural materials. This element of his work isn’t as influential to my ideas and project work but it does give me an insight into what can be done through the use of natural materials.

The versatility of techniques and ways of incorporating nature into art in Richard Longs work is really inspiring to my work. Like me, he has experimented with different ways of including the natural world in the art world. His work has encouraged my experimentation throughout the project as I have been referring to it as I have progressed. Lastly, as I am doing within my work: Richard Long focuses on the River Avon in a lot of his works a place that is close to him and that he has a connection with.


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