Connecting my work to a place I have an experience of… Just as John Piper connected with Snowdonia and West Wales

John Pipers Landscape works capture a sense of feeling and emotion, they show his portrayal of a place where he connected to the surroundings. He talks about seeing the mountains “for the first time and like nobody has seen them before”. To him, it was important that his work showed the personality of the place and used abstract markings and elements to portray his own expression of what he was looking at. He drew many sketches of the places and experimented before embarking on his oil paintings and enjoyed being amongst the natural space.

“Each Rock lying in the grass had a positive personality: For the first time, I saw the bones and the structure and the lie of the mountains” – John Piper

brec Brecon Beacons brecon-beacons-110828-600x350

As I am creating work in response to this artists work, I think it is important that I work in a similar way to him. Over the summer, I spent a lot of time outdoors. Living in Brecon, I have a special connection to the Brecon Beacons and would love to create work portraying them through art and incorporating abstract elements and mark making to show the texture of the surroundings. I see a lot of emotional connection with the place in John Piper’s work and you can tell that John Piper enjoyed painting the Landscapes he did. I would like my work to portray a similar feeling. Working under his influence, I hope to learn more about abstraction, colour and texture and create artwork that is visually appealing and technically interesting.

I have started experimenting with incorporating abstract influences from John Piper’s piece into quick pen drawings of the brecon beacons. I have experimented with adding bursts of the colours within his work on top using water colour and I am pleased with the outcomes.




However, John Pipers work is quite free and animated in a way and I feel my drawings are quite static. To loosen them up a little, I think I will experiment with producing continuous line drawings in a variety of mediums and include abstract elements and marks like I have done here.


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